Hi everyone, how is it going? Fine, I hope.

Today, I will talk about my work on Krita during this second week of the coding period.


The Color Space plugin represents a functionality that exists inside Krita. You can change the color space to a document how is showed below.


The main difference between the plugin and the current implementation is that we can take a list of the currently opened documents. That shows how is easy replace old features with the Scripting API.


GUI Mockup

The first part of my work was figuring out how to implement a similar interface, but with the list of currently opened documents in the Krita. I drew a simple mockup to define some direction for my implementation.


C++ and SIP implementation

I did know that the Krita classes inside libkis don't have a colorModels and colorDepths methods to show these properties in the GUI. I implemented these two methods and your respective SIP signatures. I also wrote documentation to each method implemented in .h files.


GUI implementation with PyQt

At the end, I implemented the GUI and all your interactions and validations. How you can see below, we have a confirm button that set all color spaces to the selected documents.



Below, you can see a rendered image before and after the application of the Gray color space.

Before After

What will I do in the next week?

  • Plugin to Change canvas size for multiple documents
  • Plugin to Take a predefined filter or one applied on one document and to apply in all comic pages for example or another documents(inputted list).

  • Upload to Task thread of simple scripts for all the previous plugins

That’s it for now, until the next week. See ya!!